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East Fife to go ahead with "New Bayview" despite setbacks

I have had emails from all over the world asking about the stadium plans. East Fife will indeed be playing football in a new stadium in the not so distant future. Financial difficulties outwith the club's powers were apparantly resposnsible for the setback. At one stage, the whole deal collapsed but now seems to be secured due to new parties stepping in a bid to rescue the plans.

From Autumn 1998, East Fife Football Club wil be playing their home fixtures in a brand new 2 million, 3.000 capacity stadium to be built by Morrison Construction Ltd in Methil as part of a substantial 16 million redevelopment.

Work will begin on the project in mid-April 1998 and will be completed for the first home game which is scheduled for 29 August.

The stadium will be situated at Methil Docks which is to be the subject of a major redevelopment including 280 new houses, a nursing home and all-weather astroturf facility. In conjunction with these plans, the Club's existing ground in the town centre will be redeveloped by Morrison Homes Ltd to provide residential housing and Housing Association accommodation.

Julian Danskin, Chairman of East Fife Football Club commented: "East Fife Football Club are delighted that their proposed new stadium is now a reality. The Directors of East Fife Football Club have shared their fans frustration at the delays that have been incurred, but are pleased that patience and teamwork, so important in football, have brought their rewards. The Club is committed to maintaining a close community involvement and to playing a full part in the regeneration of Methil. "Through our Commerical Department, we will be inviting the people of Methil and Levenmouth to contribute to the success of the stadium both by use and by support. We look forward to the new season with confidence."

Stadium building work started

To all of you Fifers who live abroad etc, I can now tell you that work has begun in the shadow of Methil power station. Just to see it makes it really sink in! It won't be ready until a few weeks into the season though, at least so I hear. I dread the last ever game at Bayview. It will be one of the most emotional days of my life. Although a team like East Fife need to be in a new stadium if they are to survive in this day and age. It's the only way forward.