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EFFC - Talkback

This is a page where East Fife supporters can air their views on the club on any subject. Normally there will be a particular topic to discuss however feel free to e-mail me with suggested topics. Emails sent to me will be put on this page so that they can be debated, I look forward to hearing from you! By the way even though you have a point to email me with, you could still sign my guestbook too!

Can East Fife do a Raith Rovers?

I recieved an e-mail from Paul, who now lives in Sweden, believe it or not. It read;

I have been a Fife fan all my life, and now live in Sweden so I think it's great you have a East Fife info. page. When I went to watch the Fifers my heroes range from, George Dewar, Joe Hughes, Billy Mcphee, Dave clarke and many others. A topic you can maybe take up is Dumfermline and the Rovers can lift themselves to higher standards why cant East Fife do it? Is it not possible for East Fife to make it to the highest grade, if not, WHY NOT!

I totally agree with this point. Look at what Jimmy Nicholl did with Raith. I loved Steve Archibald, I thought he was the young well-respected ambitious mananger who was going to do it for East Fife (that's a different matter however). I hope Kirk is the man for the job, I don't know if he is, but if he is, one things for sure, the part-time supporters need to come out the closets and support the team. Considering the state of Scotish Football today and the size of the club East Fife aren't doing too bad lets face it. I'm disgusted to be a die-hard supporter in the present time when East Fife are recieving the worst attendances in their history. What ever happened to supporting your team through thick and thin, and no, there is no reason why East Fife can't be a first/premier division team.

yours, MethilMilanMan.